Form Bar is created as an informal, casual place for guests to enjoy a high quality cocktail a glass of wine or a light meal. As with Format, both the food and beverage menus at Form Bar will focus on simple selections made from the highest quality ingredients.

Form Bar

Nuts and seeds roasted with dulce ~ 55

Green olives from Languedoc ~ 50

Pickled white anchovy, potato, sour dough ~ 90

Charcuteri plate – 175

Coppa di Parma ~ 80

Pork rillette with respective garnishes ~ 110

Iberian ham from Cinco Jotas, hand sliced ~ 150

Ceviche of perch, crème fraiche, toasted sesame, jalapeno ~ 110

Beef Tartare, egg cream, nasturtium, toasted buckwheat – 120

Fried pork sandwich, potato and cabbage salads – 175